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Primo-vascular system
In the early 1960’s, Bong-Han Kim claimed to have discovered a novel circulatory system which is a body-wide web of vascular threadlike structures in an animal and in which a new fluid, named the primo-fluid flows. This system is more primordial than the vascular and the lymphatic systems in the developmental sense and possibly in the evolutionary sense as well. The primo-fluid keeps an animal healthy by regenerating damaged tissues and healing wounds. It is a transparent fluid with microcells that do cell therapy like toti-potent stem cells in modern terminology. Bong-Han Kim did not, however, disclose his methods of observing the system, and no one could confirm his claims despite intensive attempts in China, Japan, and Russia.

Starting from 2002, researchers at Seoul National University (SNU) have developed methods employing modern technologies to rediscover most of the primo-vessels in various parts of an animal’s body and to investigate the morphological aspects of the primo-microcells. The primo-vascular system (PVS) is an emerging vista of regenerative medicine and health management. The Bong-Han theory is a revolution. Indeed, it is an epoch-making shift of paradigm in medicine and health science.

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Nomenclature changes

Primo-vascular system: Bonghan system
Primo-vessel: Bonghan duct
Primo- node: Bonghan corpuscle
Primo-fluid: Bonghan liquid
Primo-microcell: Bonghan Sanal

The National Acupunture Meridians Research Institute led by Bong Han Kim, discovered the "Substance of Kyungrak" which constitutes the material foundation of the "Kyungrak theory" in the course of clarifying, on the basis of modern science, this theory which was of great importance in the classics fo Eastern medicine. The report on this discovery was published on August 18, 1961. After making further research, it was established on November 30, 1963, that the Kyungrak system consists of Bonghan ducts and Bonghan corpuscles and that Bonghan liquor containing a rich amount of deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA) circulates this system. Later the National Acupunture Meridians Research Institute revealed the distribution of the Kyungrak system in the whole body and has since striven to bring to light its essential, biological significance.
However, no scientist could figure out the anatomical structures and confirm the result insisted by Dr. Kim. After 35 years, Primo system has been studied iintensively by the Biomedical Physics Laboratory in Seoul National University since 2001 summer.

Bonghan Kim

Kim, Bong Han

Bonghan Kim (1916- ) was a medical surgeon educated at Seoul National University and became a professor at the Pyung Yang Medical School in North Korea. He published a series of five articles on the anatomical structure and physiological study of acupuncture points and meridians [Kim BH, 1962; 1963a; 1965a; 1965b; 1965c], and one​ English review paper that is available in most university libraries [Kim BH, 1963b]. He claimed that he had discovered anatomically distinctive corpuscle-like tissues at the acupoints and threadlike ducts at the meridians of humans, rabbits, and other animals. He traced the ducts and found that they formed a circulatory network throughout the body.

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